Prolignis is looking for personalities

If you think you'd like to be an engaging and long-term member of our team then please get in touch. Send your CV and a covering letter to:

The experienced all-rounders: Senior Consultants

As a proven expert in various specialist areas, the 'silver backs' in the team will typically add between 15 and 35 years experience in the industry. You think and work as an entrepreneur. And you make decisions responsibly - whether in the field of product development, machinery construction, technical consultancy, project management or leadership of production / business units.

The young bucks: Consultants

Our 'young professionals' have been in the industry between 5-10 years. With a lot of passion and style you will work within our teams in specific requisite areas or you will work on the overall picture as a deputy project leader. You have targets, that you with Prolignis will also reach with your knowledge, experience and initiative.

The job novices: Trainees

After you have finished your studies, you could become one of our 'stars for the future' at Prolignis by applying your theoretical knowledge alongside some hands-on work. Typically you completed your dissertation whilst working at a business. Prolignis will support you in successfully finding your way around the working day.